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Enterprise Architecture for Small Business

The Enterprise Architecture discipline is not just for the big companies. Small Businesses have a business model too and how you support your foundation for execution is just as important.

Do you need to roll-out the big framework and employ several resources to carry out EA activities? No, but you do need to make sure your staff has knowledge of the EA discipline, knows how to apply that knowledge to best support your businesses operating model.

Fundamental things that you should see being delivered from a Small Business EA practice

  • Business and IT Strategies - Forward thinking
  • Operating model identification based on your industry and value proposition. e.g. Diversified, Unified
  • An operating model agreed to by both the Business and IT that supports the current and future strategic direction of the company
  • Principles and Standards that support the strategy of your company. Example: "Everything we do will be in the cloud"
  • A business and technology enablement roadmap that provides a plan for your organization to align to and govern
  • Lean governance model to assure adherence to all of the components discussed above.

Strategy and Principles must be viral

Everyone should be aware of the strategy of the organization and the principles that drive them. This is a crucial component to business success and can't be taken lightly. Too many times you will see companies infiltrated with mis-aligned activities, no adherence to principles and 10 different process supported by 10 different solutions all trying to solve the same problem

Don't let this happen to you. We at Right Way EA will sit with your business leaders, understand your business model, drivers and strategy, and establish principles that are closely tied to strategy. This will provide you with a framework from which a successful and strategic foundation for execution can be built.



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