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There are a good number of solutions and social media platforms that support and promote the generation and collaboration of ideas across a company. Some even come with sophistaced analytical engines that allow you to promote ideas in a stock market environment, with the intent to surface those that have more trade volume. So why do we need an innovation framework? As those ideas surface, they need to be tied to a business need, allocated resources, be classified by the architecture team for principles and standard adherence, addressed from a roadmapping perspective and either promoted to a pilot scenario, put on hold or perhaps stopped.

We don't help you establish a framework that kills innovation, only look to make sure that the risk involved in reallocating resources and funding to an unplanned activity is justified and aligned with the business strategy and ongoing activities.

What's our service offering?

1. A Process Landscape that supports innovation and integrates it with existing business and IT management practices.

2. The establishment of an Innovation council to pick up ideas that have high-trade volume and perform an architecture classification to understand the risk and feasibliity of potentially moving this into the environment.

3. Generation of an action plan that keeps those ideas that have potential moving down a path to successfull delivery of intended strategic objectives



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