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The primary goal of Governance is to manage the investment risk that your organization is undertaking when implementing new platforms, performing enhancements, or remediation activities to your foundation for execution. As is embedded in the name (Governance), things would be chaotic if we didn't govern our actions and mitigate our risks. The key is to enable governance without slowing things down.

The Right Way Governance Framework

That is why we keep the following key design principles in mind...

Limit the number of fixed Architecture boards

Lean Model incorporated into existing processes

Provide value through design efficiencies and technology re-use

Enable transparency of architecture decisions while avoiding bureaucracy

Be able to Measure governance process performance and coverage

Increased initiative visibility across the organization


Only after tailoring or adopting our design principles do we begin to create the building blocks that will make up your governance framework. These building blocks are listed below:

1. Governance Operating Model - Showcasing the operational and organizational aspects

2. Process Landscape - Core governance processes and integration with your existing processes

3. Principles, Standards and Templates - Key artifacts that guide governance decisions

4. KPI's and Monitoring - Making sure we measure


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