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Our Services: Foundations

Foundations is focused on bringing organizations up to speed on the EA discipline. There are four main services that we offer under Foundations that we believe will set your EA practice up for success.

EA Overview / Introduction

What are we offering?

1. Introduction to the Enterprise Architecture Discipline, role and goals of an Enterprise Architecture Framework.

2. Right Way EA's approach and what we leverage from the various frameworks.

Value proposition?

1. Knowledge transfer of what Enterprise Architecture is and Right Way's approach.

2. Understanding of the potential application within your organization.

3. What stymie's some Enterprise Architecture initiatives.

Topics covered?

1. Enterprise Architecture overview

2. Major Enterprise Architecture frameworks

3. Right Way EA's approach and framework

4. Enterprise Architecture Pitfalls


EA Coaching

What are we offering?

1. Cover the strategic elements of establishing, promoting and enhancing the EA discipline.

2. Take one area of need, apply the EA discipline and Right Way EA methodology and demonstrate the value of Enterprise Architecture.

Value proposition?

1. Empowerment of your Architecture Team

2. Identification of the key strategic elements, processes, roles and responsibilities

3. Demonstrate the value of Enterprise Architecture and an approach to addressing business need

4. An actionable roadmap to incorporate the EA discipline into your organization

Topics covered?

1. Analysis of your stakeholders, business and technology (for a function or business unit)

2. EA Practice start-up

3. Tailoring of Right Way and other EAFs to your needs

4. EA Roadmap development

5. Architecture Deliverables


EA Foundations

What are we offering?

1. Building the foundational components necessary to support your execution function (e.g. master planning, solution architecture, governance).

2. Organization structuring to provide optimal coverage.

Value proposition?

1. Right sized foundation for the execution of the EA discipline

2. Standardized approach to delivering value to the organization

3. Proper expectation setting with your customers

4. Ability to grow and provide value in parallel

Topics covered?

1. Team and Organization structure

2. Roll-out of a tailored Enterprise Architecture framework

3. Tailoring of Right Way content meta model to your needs

4. Socialization

5. Architecture Deliverables


EA Health-Check

What are we offering?

1. Assessment of those key critical areas for Enterprise Architecture success.

2. An Ideal way to monitor the development, acceptance and on-going improvement of your Enterprise Architecture initiative.

3. Communication strategy to promote and provide on-going dialogue with your stakeholders

Value proposition?

1. Understanding of what we do well and where we need to focus our efforts to improve the practice.

2. Ability to set objectives in regards to increasing the maturity level of the practice and measure.

3. Actionable roadmap

4. Measured against industry best practices

Topics covered?

1. Enterprise Architecture Maturity

2. Customer satisfaction

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