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Our Services: Execution

Execution is focused on those services that will be provided by the Enterprise Architecture practice to drive the business model through planning and architecture design.

Master Planning

Is concerned with building a business enablement plan for a given business domain that spans a 1-3yr horizon. This service is focused on answering the following questions:

1. What is the business strategy?

2. What services will be provided?

3. What capabilities are needed and considered differentiators?

4. What sequence will we deliver these capabilities?


Master planning is to the Enterprise like City planning is to a State

Would you build a City without a plan? Without understanding of the industries (Strategy) that will be pursued? Without an understanding as to what services the residents city will require for its residents? Sequence of neighborhood development? Without a timeline / roadmap?

Probably not.  So, why do we do this with our technology landscape?  Timelines, costs, understanding are they primary reasons why.  But, if we focused on doing Master planning first, these constraints would be understood in advance and alleviated.


Solution Planning

Is the short-term roadmap for a program or business domain, driving to the long-term Master plan vision. Provides a view that defines the specific information, application, and technology roadmaps. Existing solutions are rationalized to eliminate redundancies and foster enterprise-level integration. This service is focused on answering the following questions:

1. What solutions are required or available to meet the business need?

2. What are the high-level requirements for each solution?

3. What solutions can be retired?

4. How do the different solutions need to integrate?


Solution planning is to a Business Domain like Neighborhood planning is to a City

Would you build a Neighborhood without knowledge of the structures required or available to you? High-level requirements for each structure? What structures can be torn down? How the different structures need to co-exist?

Once again, probably not.  Just like with a neighborhood, we need to build a solution plan / strategy that provides an appropriate foundation for execution, both now and in the future. .



Solution Architecture

Is the generation of the logical and physical design components for a project or program that address the strategic goals and drivers of the Solution Plan. Provides the solution delivery team an adequate set of work products to ensure the planning work is manifested in the built solution. This service is focused on answering the following questions:

1. How will each solution be built?

2. What decisions are needed to guide the delivery personnel?

3. What enterprise guidelines must be followed?


Solution architecture is to a project or workstream like a Building Blueprint is to a Neighborhood

How will each structure be built? What decisions are need to guide the construction personnel? What building ordinances must be followed?


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