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We offer a complete set of services focused on building a sustainable enterprise architecture foundation, common methodology for executing Enterprise Architecture and establishing Governance and Innovation mechanisms to ensure strategy and objectives are met and geared towards the future.

Enterprise Architecture Foundations

EA Foundations is designed to assist customers in creating and right fitting the foundational components that all EA practices will require to be successful.



Four main service offerings within foundations are:

1. EA Overview / Introduction

2. EA Coaching

3. EA Fundamentals

4. EA Health Check

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Enterprise Architecture Execution

EA Execution aims to apply the EA discipline within your organization e.g. get involved



Three main service offerings within execution are:

1. Master Planning - Business Domain level planning

2. Solution Planning

3. Solution Architecture

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The pressures of today’s business environment  creates the need for a discipline to manage changes to business processes, information systems, and technology platforms.  Things can’t be done in silos with limited understanding of or alignment to the enterprise.




Four main service offerings within Governance:

1. Governance Operating Model

2. Process Landscape

3. Principles, Standards and Templates

4. KPI's and Monitoring

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Innovation Framework

Offering a framework to support innovation generation and incorporation into the planning cycles and governance frameworks to bubble up those that have potential.



Two main service offerings within Innovation:

1. Process Landscape

2. Innovation Council / Committee

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