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Doing the right things the right way...


How do we know what the right things are?

By keeping focus on the business first, IT last. I know crazy huh?

At Right Way EA, we work with you to develop a business model that reflects your motivators (e.g. drivers, industry trends), allows for innovation and sets you apart from your competitors. Then we build a strategic portfolio that enables your business model. What is the business need, why does it exist, when should it be addressed...then determine how.

We tend to build a menu without understanding what the menu should consist of. So, when an order comes that wasn't accounted for we have to gather new ingredients, new chefs, new waiters/waitresses, re-write the menu and on and on. Whether you are a start-up, small, medium or large business; Enterprise Architecture, the discipline, is key and should be incorporated into your organization as early as possible. It doesn't have to be heavy, using the big industry frameworks or an entire cost center, but the principles and vision of Enterprise Architecture should be embedded in the people / culture of the organization.


Key Ingredients

  • Operating model that has the right mix of business process automation, integration and standardization to support your business model.
  • Enterprise Architecture which orchestrates the execution of the operating models through a solid foundation realized by long-term and short-term planning.
  • IT Engagement or governance mechanisms that ensure initiatives achieve both business unit and enterprise-wide strategies and objectives.
  • Innovation framework provides the means to continually rethink the way things are done by leveraging both internal and external communities, people and motivators.

Key Service Offerings



EA Foundations...

Coaching - Covers the strategic elements of establishing , promoting and/or enhancing an EA Discipline.

Jump-Start - Apply our Right Way Methodology to building the foundations for your EA practice that allow you to provide value quickly




The Health Check...

Maturity and customer satisfaction assessments, EA

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